Warhammer 40,000 FAQ 8th Edition

This is my “FAQ” inspired by questions I see coming up online often. Go here for the official Errata and FAQ (Note that FAQs tend to show up first on Warhammer Community and get added to the main GW site later.)

Base Sizes

There are no rules about base sizes in the current edition. The convention is that models should be on the bases that the current version of the model comes with.

There are some troop types which previously came on different bases than they do now. In these cases it is generally acceptable for them to be on the original size base, but more convenient for play if they are rebased onto the new size.

Some examples:

  • Terminators were originally on 25mm, now on 40mm.
  • Astra Militarum Heavy Weapon Teams were originally 2 or 3 separate models on 25mm bases, but are now on one 65mm.
  • A lot of troop types moved from 25mm to 32mm. It probably doesn’t make much difference for gameplay.

Which Weapons Can I Shoot?

For the rulebook rules, see “Shooting Phase” page 179 and “Weapon Types” page 180.

But in summary you can choose one of these options for each model in a unit:

  1. Shoot with all Assault, Heavy and Rapid Fire weapons.
  2. Shoot with all Pistol weapons. This is the only choice if the unit is “within 1” of enemy models".
  3. Shoot with a Grenade. Only one model per unit can do this.

Can I Move Into Close Combat Without Charging?

For the rulebook rules, see “Charge Phase” and “Fight Phase” on pages 182-183.

Short answer: if you want to initiate combat on your turn, you need to declare charges.

Long answer: there are ways for units to be engaged in combat without having charged or been charged. Pile In and Consolidate moves are allowed to engage other units that weren’t previously in combat – but they have restrictions about moving closer to the closest enemy model. Similarly Heroic Intervention can be used to move a Character into combat in your opponent’s turn.

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