Harlequin Codex Expansion

House rules – Just for fun!

In the spirit that the rules are there to represent the models, these are some ideas to add options that the old models have, without trying to shoehorn in too much extra weirdness. e.g. I thought about making a “Great Harlequin” HQ entry, but those models can be used as Troupe Leaders so it isn’t necessary.

General weapons changes:

  • Las-pistol – counts as Shuriken Pistol
  • Chainsword or sword – counts as Close Combat Weapon (except for power sword/Storied Sword, which I paint blue)
  • Harlequin’s Kiss – unchanged
  • Axe or Power axe – counts as Harlequin’s Embrace
  • Power Fist – counts as Harlequin’s Caress

Specific units:

  • Troupe
    • Any model may exchange original Shuriken Pistol for one of:
      • Hand Flamer – 5 points And Web Pistol counts as Hand Flamer
      • Plasma Pistol – 15 points
    • Any model may exchange Close Combat Weapon for Shuriken Pistol – 2 points. This may not be exchanged for a different pistol.
  • Shadowseer
    • May exchange Miststave for one of:
      • Force Sword – 5 points
      • Lightning Claw – 10 points
  • Death Jester
    • May exchange Shrieker Cannon for Brightlance, also gaining the Relentless rule – 10 points
  • Solitaire
    • May exchange Harlequin’s Caress for Shuriken Pistol or Neuro-Distruptor – Free
  • Jetbikes – this is a new Fast Attack unit
Harlequin Jetbike543416294+
Unit Type: Jetbike
Special Rules: Eldar Jetbike, Fear, Furious Charge, Hit and Run
  • 3 Harlequin Jetbikes – 60 points
    • Wargear
      • Holo-suit
      • Twin-linked Shuriken Catapult
      • Shuriken Pistol or Close Combat Weapon
    • Options
      • Add up to 5 Harlequin Jetbikes – 20 points each
      • Any model may exchange Twin-linked Shuriken Catapult for Shuriken Cannon – 10 points

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