Game Rules and Scenarios

With the exception of the leader, who is an independent character, all models in
the warband must be organised into units of at least two models. As it is quite
likely that units will be mixed types, here is a summary of mixed unit rules.

  • Movement The unit moves at the speed of the slowest member.
  • To Hit Each model uses its own BS or WS. In close combat, the defender’s WS
    is that of the majority of the unit, or the worst if there are equal numbers.
  • To Wound Each model uses its own S (or weapon S). The target T is that of the majority of the unit, or the worst if there are equal numbers.
  • Armour Allocate hits against majority armour save first, then next save, etc.
  • Special Abilities Some special abilities are lost if the whole unit doesn’t
    have them e.g. Infiltrate. See ability descriptions.
  • Leadership Tests Use the best Ld in the unit.

Break Point
Each warband’s “break point” is half the number of models in the warband, rounding up. If that many or more models are dead or broken at the start of a turn, the player must take a leadership test to continue. If failed the broken army loses the game.

Unless otherwise stated, games should be played on a table of 3′×3′ to 4′×4′, and the forces will deploy on opposite sides of the table, at least 24" apart.

There is no turn limit – games continue until one side achieves the victory conditions, or all of their opponents have resigned or broken.

1. Meeting
A straight forward battle with no extra conditions. Award points as in Path to Glory.

2. Slave Raid
Warbands are attempting to capture/rescue D6 civilians from the centre of the table. Players take turns to deploy a civilian within 6" of the table centre, before they deploy their warbands.

Civilians will not move on their own, but may be led by any warband model within 2". Civilians will not attack, but will fight as normal in close combat if they are attacked.


3. Assault
The warband with the higher rating is attacking the base of the warband with lower rating.

The defender may place upto 4 low walls/hedges/barricades (5+ cover save) while deploying his force, to represent them throwing together a hasty cordon. The defender deploys within 6" of the table centre.

The attacker’s entire force moves on from any table edges in their first turn.

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