Base Sizes

The total of what the rulebook has to say about base sizes is:

The rules in this book assume that models are mounted on the base they are supplied with. Sometimes, a player may have models in his collection on unusually modelled bases. Some models aren’t supplied with a base at all. In these cases (which are, in all fairness, relatively few and far between), you should always feel free to mount the model on a base of appropriate size if you wish, using models of a similar type as guidance.

For people like myself who have been playing for some time this can cause some difficulty because several unit types have changed base size over the years. For example, my Ultra-Marines Terminators are old metal models that were “supplied with” 25mm bases. It’s my choice to rebase them on 40mm bases – but it helps avoid confusion. As an opposite example, the power armour Marines in that army are all on 25mm bases. Marines switched to 32mm bases a couple of years ago, but I don’t think the difference is significant enough to warrant rebasing them all.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to any base size so they balance out to some extent.

  • Larger bases – fewer models are hit by blasts and templates, and can control a wider area of the table.
  • Smaller bases – more models can fit into a gap, and can potentially get more models into assault.

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